Goals, Goals, Goals — It’s all about goals, right?

Reshma Shahabuddin
2 min readFeb 8, 2023


Let’s face it, without a system in place, they are just words on paper. It is systems that make success possible, providing structure and automation to make those goals a reality.

Goals without a system are like a ship without direction. You’ll just drift aimlessly. Relying solely on goals can lead to demotivation and inconsistent effort. It’s too easy to push things off when you’re not feeling it, leading to procrastination and burnout.

Enter the power of systems — Implementing a system takes effort, but it’s worth it! It eliminates decision fatigue, allowing you to focus on the task at hand and freeing up mental energy. Plus, it keeps you consistent, enables progress tracking, and provides opportunities for adjustments.

Your system must be a custom fit, built around your strengths and weaknesses, taking into account the time and resources available. It should be flexible, adaptable, and able to grow with you.

The real MVP of a system is automation. Automating frees up time and energy, and even keeps you motivated when motivation is low. By automating decisions, you can ensure that your goals are met without relying on motivation and willpower alone. So, let’s get those systems in place and achieve those goals!

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