5 Steps to Publish an eBook

Reshma Shahabuddin
2 min readNov 16, 2022

Are you thinking about publishing an eBook?

First, check out my post on 10 lessons on self-publishing:

Today, I will share 5 steps on how to publish an eBook on Amazon.

# 1: Kindle Create

Kindle Create is a formatting tool that works well with most books you want to publish on Amazon.

Download for free on Mac or PC.


# 2: Import Manuscript

For novels, biography, or essays, upload a doc or docx file.

For picture books or comics, upload a pdf or jpg file.

# 3: Preview

Preview what your readers will experience on different devices such as tablets, phones, and Kindle e-readers.

# 4: Export File

Export your Kindle Create eBook in kpf format to publish on Amazon KDP.

# 5: Publish on Amazon

Create an Amazon KDP account and upload your eBook manuscript in kpf format and publish.


That’s it!

My lessons are for informational purposes only.

If you are interested in publishing an eBook, here is a good place to start:


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